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Measuring your Cardiac Risk Score.
Posted by Andrew Birt, 14 February 2017

Today marks not just St.Valentine’s day, but also American Heart Month an initiative laid out by the CDC to raise awareness of cardiac risk factors and to bring awareness to the important topic of cardiac health.

In the US (and many other developed nations) heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women. The CDC recommends taking some small steps to make a big difference to your heart health this month. These include exercising regularly, eating healthier meals - for example less sugar and fast foods, taking steps to quit smoking and taking blood pressure and cholesterol medications as prescribed.

In addition to these recommendations, we began to think recently about the role we could play in helping our users (and anyone that downloads our app) check their own Cardiac Risk Score, using methodology originally pioneered by the Framingham Study .

This score provides a great deal of insight into your overall cardiac health and the ways lifestyle factors like diet, exercise and quitting smoking lowers this score and decreases the likelihood of heart disease, stroke and heart attack.

This simple test, along with using the CliniCloud app and devices to record your own health, can play an important role in helping you feel empowered to take care of your heart and lower your overall cardiac risk score and improving a number of the factors that contribute to heart disease.

This feature is coming to our app in just a few weeks on iOS and Android, but if you’d like to take the test today you can do so here: CV Risk Calculator

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