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US users can now share recordings with Doctor on Demand
Posted by Andrew Lin, 30 June 2016

I am pleased to announce that our partnership with Doctor On Demand, one of the leading video telemedicine providers in the US is now live. The partnership means that now patients with a CliniCloud kit are able to use the CliniCloud Stethoscope and Non-contact Thermometer to record, track and share medical information such as heart rate, temperature and respiratory sounds with a physician at the touch of a button within the CliniCloud app.

During a Doctor On Demand video consultation, doctors can use the information recorded on the connected devices just like an in-person visit to make more informed diagnosis and potentially expedite the treatment process. Whether it’s diagnosing a respiratory condition, modifying a treatment plan or managing an urgent issue in order to avoid unnecessary trips to the ER, the applications for the CliniCloud kit with the Doctor on Demand service are countless. Together, we hope this will further improve access for every American to quality health care.

The partnership has been a year in the making and we are very happy to see it come to life. Our vision at CliniCloud is to bring healthcare home, or, in other words, to help make high quality home-based healthcare a reality. One of the key drivers behind the CliniCloud vision is our strong belief that, as the two most useful tools for diagnosis, the stethoscope and thermometer will enable more patients to be treated in their home. Other than the much improved healthcare experience, this will hopefully deliver better health outcomes and significantly reduced costs.

Patients who purchase a CliniCloud kit will receive their first visit with Doctor on Demand free of charge using the coupon code in their CliniCloud packaging.

For our users outside the US, we will keep you posted as we announce similar partnerships in your country.

Best regards

Dr. Andrew Lin

See the full press release here

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