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The CliniCloud Android App is Live
Posted by Andrew Birt, 22 April 2016

We're pleased to announce that after months of beta testing our Android is finally available in the Google Play store!

Thanks to all of our very patient Android users for bearing with us while we’ve worked on this. Special mention to the team internally here for the hard work and dedication to bring this to life.

In this version of the App (1.0.1) the features that are live are:

Thermometer recordings

Stethoscope heart and lung recordings; and

Full physical recordings

As well as the family timeline, the ability to share recordings with a family member, physician or fellow caregiver and the ability to listen to stethoscope recordings so you can hear heart and lung sounds. There’s also a hidden feature that we’ll be announcing very shortly for iOS and Android.

When you have a moment we’d love you to download our app test drive it and let us know how you’re finding it.

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