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CliniCloud Stethoscope.

Hear what matters most.

The CliniCloud Stethoscope lets you bring healthcare home. It records heart and lung sounds at medical diagnostic quality (44.1kHz, 16 bit), and is simple and easy to use. The device is FDA cleared and has medical CE mark.

Record, analyze, share.

Capturing heartbeat and breathing patterns on your phone can help anyone with a respiratory concern learn more about their health. If you have any concerns these recordings can be shared with your doctor via email or text, or a telemedicine service.

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Your family's health records.

CliniCloud lets you track vital recordings, add notes, and view the family's health history over time. With CliniCloud you are in control of your data. It's always secure and encrypted until it's time to share with a medical professional.

Access a professional opinion.

Whether it's a simple cold, or a more serious concern CliniCloud enables you to connect with one of our telemedicine partners for a consultation. In the US we partnered with Doctor On Demand, with more services to be supported soon.