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May Update
Posted by Hon Weng Chong, 30 May 2015

Over the past month the we've been working hard on final stages of design for manufacturing, component ordering and firmware development. I’ve also been spending a little time on the road talking to physicians and pediatricians about CliniCloud. The goal was to learn as much as I could about how CliniCloud can strengthen relationships between physicians and patients and make remote care more effective. One particular highlight was being hosted by Dr Chad Rudnick who works as a pediatriacian at Boca VIPediatrics in Boca Raton, FL. During my visit I shadowed Chad for a few days, watching and observing a forward-thinking concierge clinic in action.

In addition to the fantastic care that Chad and his team already deliver to their patients during a face to face consult, what struck me was how the team were already using mobile technology such as the Cellscope to extend their services beyond the clinic and provide quality remote care in the home by empowering patients to communicate better with their physicians.

This has always been the goal of CliniCloud and it’s exciting to think we’ll be working with physicians like Chad to provide additional tools he can use to make remote care of patients even simpler.

Of course, CliniCloud isn’t entirely dependent upon whether your physician uses it or not, but we’re particularly excited about this example as we truly believe in the need for continuity of care.

Our vision is that readings taken at home can not only allow you to get answers when you need them, but also help clinics build a more complete picture of your health records and overall health. It’s a journey of a thousand miles but it’s great to be taking the first steps.

Next update is from Andrew, who heads to China on June 3 to oversee the start of the production! We're still on track for late July but of course we’ll keep you updated as this firms up over the coming weeks. We’re getting closer and closer and can’t wait to get the first batch of CliniCloud kits out to you soon!

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