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Supporting telehealth adoption.

CliniCloud works with leading telehealth companies and with our API can be connected to almost any provider. Equipping employees with a CliniCloud kit can increase utilization of your telehealth offering and boost overall engagement in your employee health strategy.

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Further benefits.

By providing your employees modern and convenient medical tools you're equipping them to play a more active role in their health and demonstrating your commitment to their heath and well being - the result is a happier and healthier workforce.

FSA/HSA eligible.

The CliniCloud kit is a FSA (Flexible Spending Account) / HSA (Health Savings Account) approved item and can be purchased with an FSA / HSA debit card directly from our website, or one of our partners such as


CliniCloud can branded to match your health program and serve as a physical reminder of this commitment. It can be provided when employees join your company, or at key times such as to new and expectant parents.

For patients with high deductible health plans, the savings after one visit might pay for the device. Who wouldn’t use this technology for simple medical problems if it were more widely available?

– Allan Khoury, MD, PhD in Employer Benefits News
Senior Management Consultant, Willis Towers Watson