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Delivery begins October 23
Posted by Andrew Lin, 16 September 2015

We’re in the final stages now and with production underway, we wanted to let you know we have to push back the shipment date to October 23. We’re sincerely apologetic to move it back a second time and we hope this doesn’t cause any inconveniences. We also want to share with you some of the production details in the full update so that you can follow our progress. In summary, we’ve made improvements to the tooling and increased emphasis on end of line testing - which took a few weeks longer than anticipated. This meant the production schedule crossed over with the Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays (Sep 26 - Oct 8), resulting in the delay.

Full update:

I’m currently in China, working with our production team. Much of the preparation is now complete, including tooling, test equipment, assembly line setup and production staff training. We have also been independently audited and certified for ISO13485 as a medical devices manufacturer and development house, ensuring we meet the strictest international quality standards. Unfortunately, getting to this stage has taken a bit longer than we had anticipated.

Our mission at CliniCloud has always been about not only making medical grade tools, but also devices that are beautifully designed and made to last. To achieve this, we produced tooling for 20+ customized components. With this many unique parts, it has been difficult to get the tooling to our exacting standards (with some dimensions needing to be within 0.1mm of our requirement). While we had already budgeted time for tooling modifications post first article inspection, this process ended up taking a few weeks longer.

At the same time, we have been implemented production line test procedures to make sure the product you receive is defect free – and we will be testing every device that is assembled on the line using specially built test systems. Our software team has also been busy adding the finishing touches to the app, which will be released on the App Store and Google Play in the coming weeks to coincide with shipment.

Given the long holiday in China, production won’t be able to continue till Oct 8 and we will be fulfilling the pre-orders through Shipwire starting from Oct 23. Depending on where you live, you should receive your kit within 3-5 days after the product leave Hong Kong. You’ll be provided with delivery and tracking details and receive notification once your devices are on their way to you.

Also just a friendly reminder, we’re compiling everyone’s addresses and delivery details so please reach out to our team if you’ve had an address change since ordering or would like to update delivery details for any reason. You can update details by emailing our team or by filling out this form

Dr. Andrew Lin - CEO, CliniCloud

One of the many tooled components - thermometer chassis
Richard, our lead production engineer checks component dimensions to ensure they meet our production specification. He’s happier with the results than this photo suggests :)
Every stethoscope will have to pass this test system before it gets shipped - the fixture itself is a noise-proof anechoeic chamber.
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