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CliniCloud now FSA/HSA eligible.
Posted by Andrew Birt, 05 August 2016

If you’re one of the 35 million Americans that has a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) we’re pleased to announce you can now use these funds to purchase a CliniCloud medical kit!

FSA’s allow employees to save money by setting aside a portion of their paycheck before tax to help pay for things their insurance doesn’t cover, like deductibles, co-payments and medical supplies. These accounts save you about 30 percent on out-of-pocket medical expenses by letting you use pre-tax dollars on the qualifying items.

We’re also pleased to announce that we’re now available for sale on, an online store that specialises in selling FSA eligible items. The discount will be applied immediately upon purchasing a Clinicloud kit. However, before purchasing a kit it’s advisable to check your plan with your employer. According to FSA, more than a third of visitors to the site don’t know which option their employer offers (employers don’t even have to offer an FSA). “A call to your benefits office is a good idea" said Jeremy Miller, the store’s founder and president.

Some frequently asked questions:

How much money can I set aside in my F.S.A.?

For 2016, the maximum that can be set aside is $2,550, the same amount as last year.

Is a Flexible Spending Account the same as a Health Savings Account?

Health savings accounts are also aimed at helping people manage health costs with pre-tax money, but they function a bit differently. F.S.As. are available only through employers, while H.S.As are available to self-employed people as well. Also, there’s never a spending deadline with an H.S.A.; all the money you contribute rolls over each year if you don’t spend it and remains yours, even if you get a new job.

How do I buy CliniCloud Connected Medical Kit using my F.S.A account?

You can purchase a CliniCloud kit at and have the benefit applied immediately, or if you purchase from our website or you can submit a receipt to your insurance provider in order to receive the tax reimbursement.

Does this apply to US customers only?

Yes. You can only make an FSA purchase if you have a US health insurance plan and US delivery address. For further details please contact us at, contact your health insurance provider or visit FSA Store’s FAQ page for further details:

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