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Adapting to iPhone 7 Changes
Posted by Andrew Birt, 15 September 2016

This week a great deal has been written about Apple removing the much beloved headphone jack for their latest incarnation of the iPhone, the iPhone 7. Well respected medical technology publication MobiHealthNews reached out to us for comment on this topic as the CliniCloud Stethoscope uses the 3.5MM headphone jack to send recordings to your smartphone.

After testing we're pleased to let you know that your CliniCloud stethoscope will work with the iPhone 7's adapter which we'd always suspected but was nice to confirm. Like many others we've been thinking about this for some time and a little while ago began the designs for a Lightning cable and micro-USB version for iPhone and Android respectively.

If you have any trouble connecting your iPhone7 or 7+ to your CliniCloud stethoscope, please let us know and we'd be happy to troubleshoot to help you get back up and running!

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